Česká Podnikatelská insurance company

Česká Podnikatelská insurance company is a universal insurance company that offers its clients modern products and comprehensive insurance solutions in the field of life and non-life insurance. It has been operating on the Czech insurance market since 1995.

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ČPP maintains a traditionally strong position in vehicle insurance, especially in liability insurance. With more than a million insured vehicles, it is the third largest provider of this type of insurance on the Czech market. ČPP is also developing successfully in other insurance segments, in life and accident insurance, civil property insurance and business insurance.

In the great competition of domestic insurance companies, ČPP profiles itself as a stable and financially strong company. It currently manages more than 1.6 million contracts and over 1 million clients use its services. Since 2005, ČPP has been part of one of the largest European insurance groups, the Vienna Insurance Group.



Origin: Česká Podnikatelská insurance company


In our offer, you can find:


  • Motor third-party liability
  • Accident insurance
  • Industrial and business insurance
  • Insurance of residential and office buildings
  • Municipal property insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Carrier’s financial capacity insurance
  • Transport liability insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Insolvency insurance CK, PA
  • Pojištění majetku/ Property insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Disability life insurance
  • Travel insurance


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