Allianz insurance company

Allianz is justifiably one of the three insurance companies with the strongest position on the Czech financial market. The company was registered in 1992.

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Initially, Allianz was active in the Czech Republic only in life insurance under the name Allianz Life Insurance Company (Allianz životní pojišťovna). Still, later, it expanded its services to include other insurance products. The insurance company made a name for itself in the Czech Republic by offering motor third-party liability insurance.


In our offer, you can find:


  • Motor third-party liability,
  • Accident insurance,
  • Industrial and business insurance,
  • Insurance of residential and office buildings,
  • Municipal property insurance,
  • Professional liability insurance,
  • Transport liability insurance,
  • Transport insurance,
  • Property insurance,
  • Civil liability insurance,
  • Liability insurance for possession of immovable property,
  • Business liability insurance,
  • Dog and cat insurance,
  • Nonblood treatment insurance,
  • Insolvency insurance CK, PA,
  • Fines insurance,
  • Personal accident insurance,
  • Travel insurance.

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