Code of Ethics

For employees, partners and associates of Total Brokers, a.s. and Total Brokers Partners a.s.

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Total Brokers a.s. and Total Brokers Partners a.s. (hereinafter referred to as the “Companies”) strive to conduct their business in accordance with good morals and within the framework of Czech law.


Employees, associates, partners and collaborators of both Companies:


  • Shall represent the Companies with dignity and integrity and treat the people with whom they come into contact during their work as they would wish to be treated.
  • Shall respect and comply with all policies set out in both companies’ Work Rules and Guidelines, not only the “letter” but also the “spirit” of the Rules.
  • Shall present their services and products to their existing and potential clients truthfully and honestly and only make statements and decisions that are not contrary to good business practice.
  • Shall conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, honesty and accountability, general legal standards and competition rules, and observe business practices consistent with good morals, knowing that their actions have far-reaching consequences.
  • Shall avoid using false, distorted or defamatory statements about competitors, even inadvertently.
  • Shall be aware that through their actions, they represent both Companies and their mission at all times, and therefore, shall take care not to violate applicable laws, generally accepted principles of good conduct and this Code of Ethics, including in their personal lives and outside of work.
  • Shall maintain business secrets and confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws, even after their employment with either Company has ended.
  • They shall not misuse the information and material resources of either the Companies or clients for their own personal benefit. They shall always conduct their work in a manner that does not damage the Companies and their reputation.
  • Shall undertake continuing professional development to enhance their professional knowledge.
  • Shall treat all clients with courtesy, fairness and impartiality. They shall, as a matter of principle, provide complete, truthful, unbiased and understandable information and avoid misleading descriptions of services, products and misleading advertising.
  • When providing information, they shall not use aggressive methods. They shall not exert pressure on the client, respect the client’s right to privacy and avoid excessive harassment of the client.
  • In their work, they always remember that the client’s interest and satisfaction come first.
  • By attaining a position of management or directorship, they consciously become role models for other Associates, Partners and their associates and employees of the Firms and, in the eyes of the public, represent and act following the Companys’ mission.
  • If any associate, partner or employee of either Company becomes aware of a violation of the principles implied by this Code of Ethics, they shall promptly notify the Chief Executive Officer, together with such other pertinent circumstances as are known to them. If a client has been harmed by a violation of the principles within the meaning of the preceding sentence, the associates, partners and their associates or employees of the companies shall promptly inform the CEO of the violation.

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